Customer Testimonials

After each and every moving job we complete we present our clients with a customer service survey that helps to give us feedback on our moving services. Here are some of the great comments that have been written about our awesome movers and great service staff.

"Very friendly, extremely hard working, did not slack a minute. Would use your company again!"

Doug Sondomowicz – 1/14/09

"Great guys! John & Andy were hard working & personable. We will definitely recommend them to friends."

Deborah Smith – 12/20/08

"The manpower team exceeded all my moving expectations. Thank You!"

Jessie Wood – 10/22/08

"Danny & Dominic were fantastic! The best movers I’ve ever had. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks!"

Tricia Arnett – 10/17/08

"Very fast & friendly. Thank You very much!"

Selim Turkyilmaz – 10/11/2008

"Danny & Andy worked hard, fast, and were pleasant the entire job. I would definitely recommend their services again!"

Gene Rathswohl – 10/04/08

"Very friendly, impressive, & knowledgeable. Thank You."

Sue Whitney – 10/03/2008

"Could not have been nicer or more helpful. Thanks again for everything."

Evaline Scolari – 9/30/08

"Great movers & very personable."

Abby Callaway – 9/28/08

"Thank You!!! We have always been impressed with the proficiency of Manpower Movers. Manpower continually employs gentlemen with a professional & respectful demeanor. The gentlemen today were no different, and moved our office furniture in a very efficient, timely manner. We would highly recommend Manpower Movers for commercial as well as home moves."

Erica Parnell – 9/10/08

"We highly recommend Manpower Movers! They are friendly, professional, timely, and very competent. We would tell everyone to use their services. Thanks to Danny & Richard, we are stress free!"

Kimbery Bermon – 8/11/08

"Even though the truck broke, everyone stayed calm & on task. This was the best move I’ve had – even with the problems & this is my 5th house in 5 years."

Chris Watson – 5/1/08

"We were happy with the move. I would definitely use your company again!"

Dennis Sciotto-10/29/05

"You guys were excellent! The best I’ve ever had."

Thomas Scherer-1/6/06

"Awesome! Joe and Martine were outstanding! Very hardworking and helpful."

Wallace Thompson-1/16/06

"This was the best moving crew we have ever had. I will definitely recommend them to anyone I   know moving."

Sylvia Willis-5/24/05

"The movers were good at making space in the storage unit to make all items fit securely."

Michelle Meloy-1/22/06

"Good, nice, efficient movers with good energy and spirit."

Ali Esteghlalian-1/28/06

"Excellent work. Extremely polite. Best guys I’ve ever dealt with."

Mohammad Kamar-2/21/06

"Excellent service for and easy move!"

Mindy Crum-2/24/06